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InfusenClip™ - Blue

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Experience the Great Outdoors, Bug-Free!

Introducing the InfusenClip™ – a revolutionary bug repellent hat clip designed to make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable. This cleverly designed clip attaches easily to the brim of your hat, creating an invisible shield that keeps gnats, mosquitoes, flies, and no-see-ums at bay. Infused with a blend of essential oils, including the soothing aroma of vanilla, the InfusenClip™ is a natural, chemical-free solution to outdoor pests.

Product Features:

 Effortless Attachment: The InfusenClip™’s discreet and lightweight design clips seamlessly onto any hat brim, providing protection without sacrificing style or comfort.

 Natural Essential Oils: Infused with a blend of nature’s best, including vanilla, our formula is DEET-free, making it safe for you and the environment.

 Long-Lasting Protection: Engineered to release the essential oil blend slowly, the InfusenClip™ offers prolonged protection, so you can focus on your outdoor activities without the constant bother of bugs. Lasts up to 3 months when returned to the air-tight bag after use.

 Compact and Portable: Whether you’re golfing, hiking, fishing, gardening, or simply enjoying a picnic, the InfusenClip™ is your portable line of defense against pesky insects.

 Eco-Friendly Solution: Say goodbye to sprays and lotions. Our reusable clip is an eco-conscious choice, reducing the use of harmful chemicals.

Why Choose InfusenClip™?

 Versatile Use: Perfect for any outdoor activity - from a leisurely walk in the park, a round of golf, or a more adventurous hike on the trails.

 Discreet and Fashionable: Designed to blend with your outdoor gear, it’s both functional and stylish.

 User-Friendly: Simply clip it on and enjoy your outdoor time, hassle-free. No more spraying



 Material: Durable, Lightweight Plastic

 Dimensions: 1.5 inches x 1 inch

 Weight: 10 grams

 Scent: Vanilla-infused Essential Oil Blend

Step outside with confidence. Add the InfusenClip™ to your outdoor gear today and say goodbye to unwelcome flying pests!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rhonda James

so useful

Lorraine Publow
Great product!

This is such a great product! It helps keep those pesky bugs away from your face, so you can focus on your golf. I’ve shared this with many friends, and they all agree. Thank you!

No more stupid bugs!!

Have you ever been out on the golf course during a beautiful day? The golf course is in great shape, and the pace of play is perfect. AND Then the gnats, horse flies, or mosquitoes start to assault you? Can't stand over a testy pitch shout before a bug flies in your eyes or ears? Well, NO MORE OF THAT MADNESS. I've used the InfusenClip with great success. Simply put, the bugs "bug off."

Elijah F.
It Really Works!!

This is an amazing proeduct! I am frequently outside for sports and bugs are a big problem. Within moments the clip gets ride of them and it smells great. Buy it now.