Meet Our Inventor & Founder, Robyn James

Robyn James is an LPGA Class A teaching professional, an inventor, a businesswoman, and a proud scratch golfer.

"You don't always know where you're going in this game, but this will help you remember where you've been."

 Robyn James follows a long tradition of inventors who change theabout-us-infusenclip world...almost by accident.

Like the unintended inventors of chocolate chip cookies, penicillin and bubble wrap, Robyn started out trying to fix a different problem.

As a certified LPGA golf pro, she works with clients of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. For newbies, she helps connect them to the sport with a ball marker that means something to them.

"You don't always know where you're going in this game," she'll say, handing them the marker. "But this will help you remember where you've been."

Ball markers are great to have but easy to lose. Traditional metal clips can work to affix it to your hat, but did not provide the friction for the custom ball markers that she wanted.

Looking to solve this problem, Robyn designed a clip with two strong magnets connected by a lightweight, silicone strap.

The magnets attach through even the thickest hat brims, but there was just one problem: fresh silicone has a pungent scent.

The idea to infuse her clips with herbs and essential oils started as a masking effect until clients raved that it kept bugs away—and smelled like homemade cookies too!

Through feedback from her clients, InfusenClip™ was born: a natural, instant and long-lasting bug repellent. 

Robyn received her patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2021 (patent #11,191,314) and launched the product commercially.

In 2022, InfusenClip™ was awarded Grand Champion of the Loudoun Innovation Challenge, an annual contest sponsored by the Loudoun County, Va., Economic Development Authority.

In early 2023, InfusenClip™ will launch nationwide with a major online retailer, and will also be a featured product at the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando.

InfusenClip™ is American-made innovation and is currently sold at more than one dozen golf shops and retail locations across the United States.

To demo the product or become a retail partner, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

To interview Robyn James on her unique path from "cubicle dweller," to certified LPGA Golf Pro, to inventor and entrepreneur, please visit Robyn's media kit.

Robyn James Media Kit

American Innovation For Your Bug Infestation

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