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What does InfusenClip™ smell like?

InfusenClip™uses a combination of proprietary herbs that have been proven to keep gnats away. The result is a pleasant scent that's similar to the smell of freshly baked cookies. Yum!

How long does InfusenClip™ last?

InfusenClip™ can repel bugs for up to three months, provided it's properly stored and cared for. If you want it to last longer, return it to its reusable pouch when not in use. Your InfusenClip™ lifespan may also vary depending on weather conditions, such as sun exposure and rain.

How many InfusenClip™ products do I need?

Users often experience relief from gnats with just one clip. If you are in an area that has especially persistent gnats or you are sensitive to bugs, some people may use a clip on either side of their cap for added relief.

Can I attach anything to the InfusenClip™?

Yes! With its strong magnets, the InfusenClip™ is perfect for Birdie Everything custom ball markers, your own ball marker, fishing lures or anything metal that you want to keep close at hand. Use the magnets as a convenient way to hold a metal item, or as a way to add a custom look to your hat brim!

Can my InfusenClip™ be worn on anything other than my hat?

Technically, the InfusenClip™ can be clipped to just about anything. However, for maximum relief from insects, we recommend clipping it onto a hat brim or something else close to your face. Clipping it to your belt loop, for example, won’t provide the same level of insect protection around your face and eyes. Please bear in mind that the magnets in our InfusenClip™ are very strong, so they can stick to metal objects you might brush up against, such as car doors and doorways.

Can my InfusenClip™ be “recharged”?

After the 3 months of use, it cannot be “recharged”. At that point, you can use the code in your bag to reorder a new clip with a 10% discount!

Why does my InfusenClip™ keep coming off when I remove my ball marker?

If you’re using the clip to hold your ball marker (or another item you’re using regularly), you should make sure to remove the ball marker in the right way to prevent the InfusenClip™ from sliding off your hat brim. When you remove any magnetic item from your hat, you should flip the ball marker up towards the crown of the hat, rather than down towards the ground.

I lost the bag my InfusenClip™ came in. Can I store it in something else?

You can use any airtight bag to store your InfusenClip™ !

Does InfusenClip™ use chemicals such as DEET?

No! InfusenClip™ uses all-natural ingredients to repel gnats in the way Mother Nature intended. Is InfusenClip™ only for golfers? Of course not! Anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors more without annoying bugs around your head is encouraged to try this product. People who have bought this have used it not only for golf but baseball, coaching sports, watching sports outdoors, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, attending cookouts and much, much more!

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